January 13, 2017

Guilty of Not Using Your Vacation Time?  Vacation Time

Fifty-two percent of Americans who get paid vacation time said they would not use all their allotted time in 2016, according to a new Bankrate.com survey. Among those with paid vacation benefits, 30% said they would have seven to 10 days left over at the end of the year, 21% would leave four to six days unused and 15% would leave one to three days on the table.  A whopping (and possibly worn-out) 8% said they would finish 2016 with 30 or more days of accrued but unused vacation.

The Workaholic Approach

"This workaholic approach is deeply embedded in our country's culture, but working more hours and sacrificing vacation days does not make you a better employee or help you climb the ladder any faster," said Sarah Berger, personal finance expert and blogger at Bankrate.com. "Without taking time to recharge, employees can find themselves stressed, overworked and sick--all of which have a direct impact on their work performance."

Many employers offer the option of rolling over unused vacation time into the next calendar year, which can be helpful to plan for an extended vacation or major life event.

Plenty of employees are taking advantage of this perk, with 35% citing roll-overs as the reason they didn't use all their vacation days last year.

Why we don't use all our vacation time

  • Roll-over policy: 35%
  • Too much work: 23%
  • Enjoy working: 16%
  • Can't afford vacation: 13%
  • Fear of losing job: 4%

Thanks to Business Management Daily and Practice Advisor for their information.

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