Do You Have a Recruiter in Your Pocket?

August 23, 2013

14255688-headhunting-concept-in-word-tag-cloud-on-white-backgroundHaving the right recruiter in your back pocket can set you apart from the competition.   Below are 5 good reasons why working with a recruiter will put you at the head of the pack. The recruiter/ candidate relationship should be one of understanding what the two of you can do for one another. Like every partnership, a good match makes for a good life.

1.  Your Recruiter has direct contact with the hiring manager

Recruiters devote a lot of time building relationships with their client hiring managers. And, along the way they learn what makes someone a good fit professionally and within the corporate culture. They will offer tips toward a winning interview.

2.  Your Recruiter will provide career advice

Recruiters know what a bad interview looks like, and how it can be prevented. Working with a recruiter gives you the chance to learn from other’s mistakes. By spending a few minutes with a recruiter, you will better realize what makes a job applicant attractive to the hiring manager saving you hours of frustration in your interviews.

3.  Your Recruiter understands what it takes to get the job

A good recruiter will know what areas of the job description are most important to the person you’ll be working for, and which ones are secondary. Recruiters aren’t afraid to tell the candidate the black and white truth after an interview to provide as much clarity, closure and coaching for any future interviews. Acting as a liaison between you and the hiring manager allows much more understanding before the interview and honest feedback afterwards.

4.  Your Recruiter offers inside information and interview preparation

Recruiters are experts at what it takes for a productive interview. They know if the hiring manager prefers someone who dresses down, shows up 15 minutes early and has a very firm handshake. Working with a recruiter gives you inside knowledge and tips on how to stand out from the rest of the applicants

5.  Your Recruiter offers resume improvements

Recruiters know what each manager views as most important to see clearly on the resume. They will ensure that the first thing the hiring manager reads is the exact experience they are looking for in the perfect candidate.

Hiring is an art form. There are hundreds of candidates fighting for the same openings. While you may think you are the perfect fit, the other applicants believe they are better than you. You need something to help you stand out from the pack. That ‘something’ could be the recruiter in your pocket.


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