Recruiters Going Rogue

September 11, 2013

Are you ready to put yourself in the driver’s seat and start making money as an independent recruiting specialist?

Did you know that the old staffing agency model is dying?

Up until the last couple of years, you HAD to work for someone else if you wanted to be in the staffing and recruiting industry!  The overhead, franchise fees, office equipment, training, back office systems and memberships just made it too expensive to work for yourself.

Some recruiters have actually ‘gone rogue’ since being downsized or laid off  and discovered the wonderful world of independent contracting.  But, I doubt that most recruiters know that staffing and recruiting is one of the few jobs that actually lend themselves to working remotely.  Recent studies show that virtual recruiters are actually MORE productive than on-site recruiters!

BTW…did you know that the way to work for yourself is to work remotely with others who are in a similar situation?     This allows you to leverage your time and efforts and actually make MORE money?  The secret is in group dynamics, targeted social network recruiting and today’s latest technology.

Our Virtual Executive Recruiter Network can give you the best of all worlds!  We help you run your own business and provide you with the best recruiting management tools and resources – allowing you the freedom and flexibility of working from home while managing your own business!

Spectra received the ‘Best of the Best’ Award from Ranking AZ by being voted the #1 Executive Search Firm in AZ for the last five years!  We also received the 2011 ‘Circle of Excellence’ award in customer relationships from the Merchant Circle.

Given our 20+ years of recruiting experience and today’s helpful technology, here is what we can offer to independent recruiters who want to be in business for themselves and work from home:

  • FOUR unique virtual recruiter programs — EXECUTIVE, SENIOR, TRAINEE and BASIC.  Select the one that matches your experience and credentials listed below.
  • Over 2,000 open job orders for you to work on your first day while building up your own pipeline.
  • Team atmosphere with each team member offering their own strengths.
  • Shared job orders — with experienced team members who may be excellent at filling your job openings.  AND, you will be paid each time a placement is made with your client company.
  • Shared candidate data base.  AND, you are guaranteed of receiving a placement fee anytime your submitted candidates are placed on any job opening now or in the future.
  • Ability to smooth out the ups and downs of recruiting.
  • Interactive forums and on-line meetings.
  • On-line team/training webinars.
  • Access to over 900 network executive recruiters
  • Back office support for all billings, collections and contract-to-hire placements.  You will receive copies of all invoices, payments and collections.
  • We offer unlimited funding for temporary or contract placements along with billing and collection back office services.
  • Industry Recruiting Tools – Popular database and applicant tracking systems and candidate sourcing tools and training for recruiting, tracking and managing your candidates.

Our many tools and resources available to you are just too lengthy to list here but you can click below for our complete program …

If you are at all worried about Social Security NOT taking care of your retirement, this Virtual Recruiter opportunity is not a fantasy; it can be your retirement reality!  Recruiting is one of the few jobs that lend itself to remote work, so why should you stay locked in with an employer still using the old staffing agency model? Wouldn’t you rather put yourself in the driver’s seat today and be able to make a placement while on vacation with your kids?  Get a great new job order when using your social networking skills?  Fill one of your positions because of your ability to recruit through your LinkedIn network?

Our philosophy is to help you make your life more fun and more productive.  And, when you make money, we make money.  And, if you enjoy your life more, we will consider our program a BIG SUCCESS!

You Can Be Your Own Boss Today and:

  • Take 100% control of your desk
  • Network with like-minded Virtual Recruiters
  • Work splits and collaborate with a team
  • Join a member-only network of nearly 1,000 recruiters nationwide specializing in many fields and positions.
  • Join a firm with over 20 years of noted experience
  • Enjoy the HIGHEST commissions in the industry!
  • Feel free to grow your recruiting business by adding to your own company of recruiters
  • Cancel your membership at any time and take your database with you

If you are already working independently, why are you still spending so much of your time (and sooo much of your money) on your necessary tools and infrastructure, when the Virtual Executive Recruiter Network can give you a lot more for less!!?

We have your independent solution for you RIGHT NOW!  You owe it to yourself to spend a few minutes to see if this is the right opportunity for you!  Our executive search firm has been around since 1989!!  We know how to help you grow your business – like other independent agencies like Re/Max, Farmers’ Insurance, State Farm and more!


Voted #1 Executive Search Firm in AZ
Spectra International, Scottsdale AZ 85259.


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