Recruiters Score High

March 20, 2014


Seventy percent of engineers say recruiters are one of the most common ways they hear about new opportunities. Friends, social media, former co-workers, nothing ranks higher than recruiters for new job information, with the very narrow exception of job boards. But with only 71% giving them the edge, it’s a statistical dead heat. And, when you consider how accessible and ubiquitous the posting sites are,  recruiters must be doing something right.

What they most value in a recruiter is transparency. By far the largest share (81%) of the respondents to Glassdoor’s survey of some 1,400 employed software engineers said they most value recruiters who tell them the pros and cons of different companies. Recruiters who fudge even a little run the risk of a turndown should the candidate discover the company isn’t quite as it was portrayed. Nearly every engineer in the survey — 97% — said they read the online reviews before they accept a job offer…

What else do they value in a recruiters?:

  • Knowledge of the candidate’s experience – 63%;
  • Not being pushy – 52%;
  • working as hard for the candidate as for the employer – 50%.

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