Recruiting for CPA Firm Succession Planning

August 19, 2016

Recruiting New Employees

The following is an excerpt describing how CPA firms are recruiting for succession planning.  Good read for forward thinking firms.

Recruiting Staff

Accounting firms are looking to bring in younger employees to fill their ranks as older Baby Boomer partners start to retire, but they have to offer the right enticements if their succession planning is going to work.

”With busy season behind them, now is a good time for accounting firms to have the opportunity to focus more on planning in this area,” said Kim Gottschalk, senior regional vice president of the staffing company Accounting Principals. “What we’re suggesting to leaders is to make sure they’re conducting evaluations with their internal staff on a regular basis and monitoring turnover closely, making sure they’re retaining the people that are their future leaders or future successors for whatever role they may be considering into the future. Forward thinking in the succession arena is really critical, considering the numbers that we’re looking at from the Census Bureau.”   …

CPA firms in particular need to be aware when they are recruiting job candidates that there is a difference between performance and potential. “What we’re talking to them a lot about is it’s important to note what the candidate’s potential is vs. what their performance is,” said Gottschalk. “You definitely need to look at that metric and define, OK, here are the clear accomplishments and here’s what we believe seeing and interacting with this person what they can do for the company going forward.”