What stresses you the most these days?

June 2, 2010

Time for a blog!  With each daily newspaper, TV news broadcast or email subscription, I discover a new stress in my life. 

Here are my own personal stress makers in no particular order: 

Unemployment (that’s a big one for an executive search/staffing firm), higher taxes, budget cuts, North/South Korea standoffs, Israel and the Mid-East crisis, the Afghanistan war being the longest in our history, nuclear arms for Iran, the SUNS losing to LA, politicians and their daily antics, athletes/celebrities/CEO’s making more money than anyone should be entitled, housing declines/short sales/foreclosures, the oil spill, Jack Bauer having to leave the country again, gas prices, boycotts, innocent children drowning in backyard pools and/or being killed by being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

To these stress makers, I ask:  “What can I do about it?  How do I stop the stress when I have no control over your issues or your actions?”

I find it more and more difficult to focus on the positive, good and lasting values I have always followed and admired.  Am I admitting that I am tired of it all?  Yes, I am.  Am I the only one looking for some good news and solutions?  Am I the only one trying to figure out where we all went wrong? 

So, I am ready to listen to your suggestions.  Maybe if f you add your own stress maker to my list along with your BEST ‘stress buster’ solution, that may be helpful to me … and the rest of the world trying to figure out where we all went wrong.

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Wishing you great success…

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