Where the Jobs are for 2013 and Beyond

January 10, 2013

If you are thinking of changing jobs…or are still in college, here are some planning tips for in-demand jobs for 2013 and beyond.  The top 20 jobs with salary ranges were reported by Business Week magazine on 1/7/13:

  1. Sales representative/business development ($65,000-$75,000)
  2. Software design/development ($85,000-$95,000)
  3. Nursing ($35,000-$45,000)
  4. Accounting & finance executive ($65,000-$75,000)
  5. Accounting staff ($45,000-$55,000)
  6. Networking/systems administration ($65,000-$75,000)
  7. Administrative assistant ($35,000-$45,000)
  8. Business analysis (software implementation) ($85,000-$95,000)
  9. Business analysis (research) ($65,000-$75,000)
  10. Finance staff ($65,000-$75,000)
  11. Project management ($85,000-$95,000)
  12. Testing/quality assurance ($65,000-$75,000)
  13. Product management ($85,000-$95,000)
  14. Database administration ($75,000-$85,000)
  15. Account/customer support ($35,000-$45,000)
  16. Technology executive ($115,000-$125,000)
  17. Electrical engineering ($65,000-$75,000)
  18. Sales executive ($85,000-$95,000)
  19. Mechanical engineering ($65,000-$75,000)
  20. Government contracts administration ($55,000-$65,000)

Here are some industries that are in demand…

Recruiters:  Online job advertisements for recruiters and staffing professionals in September increased 12 percent from September 2011 to more than 14,000, according to Wanted Analytics, a firm that tracks online job ads. Compared to the same time period in 2010, ads are up 29 percent.

Cloud Computing-Related Jobs:  1,700,000 cloud jobs go unfilled in 2012, according to a new report by Microsoft and market intelligence firm IDC. The reason was lack of training and certification to work in a cloud-enabled world.   The report also found that demand for cloud- ready IT workers will grow by 26% annually through 2015.   There is no one-size-fits-all set of criteria for jobs in cloud computing. Therefore, training and certification is essential for preparing prospective job candidates to work in cloud-related jobs.

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